Global Mind Field

Global Mind Project

Global Mind Field

ISEA Sydney 2013 – The 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art

Global Mind Field - Interactive workshop
What images can your mind create? And is it in synch with someone else’s? 
This arts and neuroscience project was a social experiment in creativity and collective neural synchrony. Using an EEG-controlled video effects interface, programmed to demonstrate moments of congruent neural activity occurring between two people, paired participants were able to observe real-time imagery generated from their own brainwaves.


Workshop Description:

Participants received a basic introduction to the project followed by EEG headset fitting and sensor calibration. Each person was provided with a 16-channel Emotiv EEG headset and laptop for the duration of the workshop. The process commenced with individual exercises to focus the mind, progressing to paired interactions where participants attempted to generate mutually responsive brainwave activity, validated by visually coherent video effects. A neuro-feedback process assisted in maintaining focused connection while amplifying participants’ Theta brainwave frequencies – commonly associated with dream states and enhanced creativity.  The workshop concluded with a brief informal discussion and reflection on people’s experiences.  As this project was part of the ongoing Global Mind Project initiative, participants were given the choice to take part in an anonymous qualitative research study documenting subjective experiences and visual outcomes on completion of the workshop.