Installation, Dreaming Chamber APT3

Dreaming Chamber – Installation. Comprised of earth encrusted fabric screens, water and scents.  incorporating synchronised sound, lighting, water ripples. This work was designed to be a meditative sensory experience. The atmospheric soundtrack developed by Tim Cole included  highland flute performed by Papua New Guinea musician Pius Wassi.

APT3, Queensland Art Gallery 1999

The 3rd Asia Pacific Triennial Of Contemporary Art

Time past and time future

Allow but a little consciousness

To be conscious is not to be in time. 


Life is of infinite possibility yet we confine it to a singular reality, governed by a ‘one way’ perception of time. Through or desire to contain the moment we have divided existence, separating the physical and spiritual worlds. We have forgotten how to live ‘out of time’ – we have forgotten the ‘dreaming’.

Our dreams and inspirations are the blue prints of the future, so perhaps for the survival and development of humanity, we must experience life in its ‘timeless’ continuum, seeing and understanding the interconnectedness of all existence in its evolution through spirit. True inspiration is transcendental, a moment ‘out of time’. Making art is my attempt to capture or rather hang onto that moment in its evolving state.

Light animates rock like walls with choreographed ripples and as they collide in reflected motion, like quantum waves of unformed intent, the mind of the viewer affects reality by witnessing their performance.  So once engaged in the process of seeing, observer becomes participant…creator…artist … dreamer.

Karen Casey