Global Mind Project

An Arts & neuroscience initiative

Global Mind Project is an interdisciplinary arts and cognitive neuroscience initiative exploring creative and technological possibilities for generative art using brainwaves.


Let's Shake

Public art connection & communication event

Let’s Shake is a participatory art event encouraging people to extend a hand in friendship and go beyond their comfort zone to have a genuine connection with another person.

The process involves casting the inside of a handshake while people sit opposite and communicate with each other . The resulting shell-like forms are recorded, boxed and stored to be used later in public artworks and installations.

Global Mind Field

Interactive Workshop

What images can your mind create? And is it in synch with someone else’s? This arts and neuroscience project is a social experiment in creativity and collective neural synchrony. Using an EEG-controlled video effects interface, programmed to demonstrate moments of congruent neural activity occurring between two people, pairs of participants will observe real-time imagery generated from their own brainwaves.